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Have you ever wondered if relaxation could become a habit? Are you looking for a peaceful and balanced lifestyle or longing for a stronger connection to your inner wisdom? Reiki might be the answer you are looking for.

Reiki Education and Research Institute has been serving our students, clients, and communities worldwide since 2007. Our programs are suitable for people with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds.  Allow Reiki to become a part of your everyday life to live a healthier, more relaxed, emotionally balanced, and spiritually connected lifestyle.

Experience a healing session or take an educational program to learn how you can integrate this spiritual healing practice into your life.



Physical Level

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce tension and stress
  • Calm the body, relax the mind
  • Refresh and increase energy levels
  • Alleviate disease-related symptoms
  • Improve recovery and speed healing time

Mental-Emotional Level

  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Help release negative emotions
  • Improve focus and mental clarity
  • Boost self-confidence and motivation
  • Relieve emotional pain during grieving
  • Create inner peace, harmony and a sense of well-being

Spiritual Level

  • Increase spiritual awareness
  • Allow personal empowerment
  • Connect with a power greater than yourself
  • Promote deeper connection with inner guidance
  • Enhance feelings of wholeness and unconditional love
  • Help reveal deeper meaning in the personal life journey

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life!


Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that can help you heal on all levels.


Upcoming Programs

Upcoming Reiki Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment Program starting in September

4 Weeks Spiritual Journey Creating A Paradigm Shift (Virtual Event)

October 10, 17, 24, 31 (4 Consecutive Saturdays)


Getting Started On Your Reiki Healing Journey is Easy


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RERI Testimonials

"RERI has been transformative for me. It has truly allowed me to find some peace and calm in my life. I have been given tools to better myself and the environment around me. I’ve seen positive changes in my life that are ongoing"

"The practitioners at RERI are the most well trained and knowledgeable I have ever dealt with. They are kind and patient with me every time I come to the community clinic. Would recommend This organization to anyone seeking to learn reiki or receive a session."

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Heal individuals, communities and the world physically, mental-emotionally and spiritually with Reiki, an energy healing modality.


Becoming the leading force in providing the best practices for Reiki education and healing services.


  • Monthly Reiki & Intention Circle
  • Annual Retreat
  • Monthly Coffee Club
  • Open House
  • Student Clinic
  • Community Clinic

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Dear Client,

Earlier this year we discontinued in person services to protect the health and well-being of our clients and staff from the health risks associated with the Coronavirus also known as COVID 19.  All services including classes, Reiki healing sessions and spiritual mentoring appointments were moved to online services utilizing video conferencing.  This situation is apparently going to be a long-term challenge.  It also comes with very mixed and conflicting recommendations for how things should be handled in various situations.  With this in mind we re-evaluated our situation and have decided to continue our current method of operation.  So our primary office remains closed and we will continue to provide all of our services virtually utilizing video conferencing tools.  The response to this method of providing service has been extremely positive and successful.  Please feel free to contact us via phone: 704 644 3644 (voice or text) or email: info@reikieducation.org with any questions or to schedule services.

Stay well. Love and Light,

Reiki Education and Research Institute