Sunday, May 28, 2017
Sunny Side Up Family Program Community Reiki Clinic
Sunny Side Up Family Program
~ A new way of building family harmony
  • *Reduce family stress and anxiety
  • *Balance your kid’s and your energy
  • *Enhance emotional intelligence
  • *Improve parent/child communication
Program starting June 10, 2017 
Community Reiki Clinic

June 8 (Thursday) Sessions available at 6pm, 6:40pm, 7:20pm

the clinic held on the 2nd Thursday monthly

Reduce physical and emotional stress, clear energy blocks, improve energy flow, create inner peace and spiritual connection. $25/session (Book in advance), Walks-in $39 (if space available) Call 704-644-3644 or book on-line.


Do you want to feel better, live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, therefore, bringing joy and harmony into your life? Are you looking for ways of coping with chronic disease or a health condition such as cancer, diabetes, anxiety, stress and depression?

Reiki treatment to connect to your spiritual sideReiki is a non-invasive, complementary therapy that is used for stress reduction and symptom relief.   It is also  considered a spiritual healing method to heal the body, mind and spirit.   In recent years, there is an increasing trend of utilizing Reiki therapy in the hospitals and health care facilities. Today, there are many hospitals including a few leading medical centers in the US offering Reiki therapy as an adjunct treatment or integrative therapy in patient care especially in the cancer or oncology department.

Practicing Reiki induces a relaxed and meditative state for both the giver and the  receiver. The deep relaxation generated by increased energy flow through the practitioner’s hands to recipent’s body produces a natural healing environment that clams the body, mind and spirit.  People can take Reiki classes to learn Reiki and use it either for self-healing or helping others to heal by giving Reiki treatments to themselves or others.

Reiki Education and Research Institute (RERI) offers education on Reiki, a energy healing therapy through Reiki classes, advanced Reiki training, Reiki orientations and annual Reiki healing retreat. We also provides Reiki treatment programs including a monthly community stress management clinic, corporate stress management programs and one on one private Reiki treatment. RERI is a resource center for people who seek healing, stress reduction and personal growth/empowerment in the Carolinas. QUESTIONS? Email us or call (704) 644 – 3644


Charlotte Reiki Class/Training 

Click here for 2017 Class schedule

Click here to learn about our education philosophy

CE (Continue Education) Credits available for Licensed Massage Therapist 

Reiki-Level-I Graduate students in Gastonia

Reiki Level I (E) Class graduates July 2010


Learn about Reiki Education and Research Institute community and organization goals and planning for 2017, check out our January newsletter. Click on this link to download to your computer: 2017-Jan-ReikiNews.pdf


RERI is going to Hong Kong

Reiki Education and Research Institute (RERI) will be offering the Reiki Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment Program (Fundamental Level) in Hong Kong in 2017.

This program will be taught in Cantonese. We also have a English speaking, Senior Reiki Master/Teacher available to teach the course in English separately from the program in Cantonese.

Some lectures will be taught in physical classes in Hong Kong and some will be taught through live videos classes using Skype.

Check out our Fundamental Reiki Program outline in English:

If you are interested in taking this program in Hong Kong, please contact us by email or call 1-704-644-3644 (Eastern Standard Time)

Information about the Fundamental Reiki Program in Chinese:

Hong Kong Reiki Class

Hong Kong Reiki Class

靈氣教育及研究學院(RERI)舉辦的靈氣課程適合不同年齡,性別,職業及文化背景的人士。課程結合中西方靈氣之解説。跟一曰或兩曰速成靈氣課程不同, 我們的課程注入了科學理論, 把靈氣神袐面紗揭開。課程深入淺出,理論與實踐並重,目的在賠養學員對俢練靈氣之興趣及對了解,達到學以致用的效果。 曾修讀RERI靈氣課程的人士包括普通科醫生, 癌症科醫生, 護士, 警察, 老師, 社工, 心理學家, 會計司, 從事資訊料技的人士, 公司高層/經理/主菅, 學生, 主婦, 營養司, 按摩司, 理髮司等等。

靈氣基礎班 (包括全面東西方靈氣一級, 二級課程,更 附有豐富的實例分析及附加理論與講議)

共八課,每課三小時, 四個月完成課程

費用: USD600 即HKD4,650

索取課程簡介: 請email我們

學員畢業後, 會獲美國靈氣教育及研究學院頒發靈氣一級及二級證書並享有RERI永久學員福利包括折扣優惠, 參與RERI 的學員only聚會, 學員獎勵計劃等等


Reiki Class/Training

We offer complete training on Reiki including Fundamental Reiki (traditional Reiki I and II), advanced level and Reiki Master and RERI Teaching level. The comprehensive training provides students a good foundation and knowledge base on Reiki and related metaphysical subjects for healing and personal empowerment. CLICK HERE for class information and registration

Student Reiki Practice Session (For RERI students only)

Each month, RERI offers our students opportunities to practice Reiki and continue their learning, self-healing and spiritual development in a professional, supportive and comfortable environment.
Stay tune for 2014 schedule for student activities and programs.

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Reiki Clinic – OPEN NOW!

Our Reiki Clinic offers opportunity to receive Reiki healing session at a reduced rate. CLICK HERE for more information

Annual Reiki Retreat

Reiki retreat is a weekend gathering of Reiki practitioners to enjoy nature, share Reiki, explore metaphysical subjects and experience spiritual connection. RERI organizes a retreat once a year in the Fall. The retreat is suitable for Reiki practitioner of all trained levels, various Reiki lineages and have a desire to continued learning and personal growth and spiritual development. CLICK HERE for information about the 5th Annual Reiki Retreat in 2014

Private Reiki Healing Session

A private healing session (treatment) can help improve and balance your energy flow and promote body, mind and spirit connection. Treatment is done by a professional and experienced Reiki Master/Teacher who has comprehensive Reiki training and years of experience in both teaching and providing treatments in clinical settings. CLICK HERE for more information or call 704-644-3644 to make an appointment


Reiki Education and Research Institute is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are a grass-roots, community based organization promoting the benefits of Reiki, making Reiki available and affordable in Charlotte and surrounding counties.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life by increasing awareness of the health benefits of Reiki, an energy healing treatment method that can reduce stress and enhance the healing process.  The vision of Reiki Education and Research Institute is to be instrumental in the acceptance of Reiki as a valued and scientifically proven complementary treatment method used in health care facilities throughout the world. Our vision is advanced by providing quality education on Reiki, public awareness events, community outreach programs, Reiki clinics and conducting Reiki research.