Ever wondered if relaxation could become a habit? Are you looking for a peaceful and balanced lifestyle or longing for a stronger connection to your inner wisdom? You don’t have to go on a long vacation, lie down on the beach or seek a guru on a mountaintop.  All you have to do is introduce yourself to Reiki.  With Reiki becoming a part of your everyday life, you will live a healthier, more relaxed, emotionally-balanced and spiritually-connected lifestyle.


Reiki is a natural, non-invasive, complementary therapy used for stress reduction and symptom relief. It is also considered a spiritual healing art that works on connecting the body, mind and spirit. Many hospitals including a few leading medical centers in the US offer Reiki therapy as an adjunct treatment or integrative therapy in patient care.  It has been shown to be particularly effective when used in conjunction with cancer treatment, helping to relieve stress and disease-related symptoms.  Whether you are coping with stress, anxiety, depression, battling cancer, diabetes or other chronic illnesses, you will discover a great way of improving your health and well-being through Reiki.


The benefits of Reiki are limitless. Receive a Reiki session or take a Reiki course to learn how to practice Reiki yourself. You will discover how Reiki can increases and balances your energy level, improves the way you feel about yourself and facilitate physical, mental-emotional and spiritual balance and harmony.



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Benefits of Reiki



  • Calm your body, relax your mind

  • Reduce tension and stress

  • Refresh, improve and increase your energy level

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Alleviate disease related symptoms

  • Improve recovery / healing time



  • Improve focus and mental clarity

  • Release negative emotions

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Relieve emotional pain during grieving process

  • Boost self-confidence and your motivation

  • Experience inner peace, harmony and a sense of well-being




  • Increase your spiritual awareness

  • Promotes a deeper connection with your inner-being

  • Reiki can help improve your connection with the creator

  • Experience wholeness and unconditional love

  • Feel empowered

  • Find deeper meaning of your journey through life

We Can Help You

Why Study With Us?

Excellent Student Support

Our Senior / Licensed Reiki Master teachers have received comprehensive Reiki training and have worked tremendously on self-healing as well as assisting others on their healing journeys. They offer excellent student support and mentoring to help students get the most out of their training and healing experiences.

Results Driven Educational Process

Our programs are designed to provide students a well-rounded education in Reiki. Through an effective training process, they are able to incorporate skill sets in their daily life for healing, personal empowerment and making positive changes in their lives.

High Standards and Values

RERI strives on high professional standards and values.  We are driven by the core belief of creating a healthy community by providing the highest quality in Reiki training and services in wellness programs.  Our programs are compatible with all cultures and can be easily practiced in every day life. We have a diverse group of students from different parts of the globe, studying, training and enriching their lives with us.

Distance Learning Option

Students can access our programs from anywhere in the world.  They can join the classes via live video conferencing.  Their teacher will be available to them by phone, video chat and email during the learning process.   In addition, there are monthly community programs and events available both in our school premises and our on-line community to keep them engaged in learning and practicing Reiki.

Get certified with RERI

We are carving a niche in the holistic health industry.  Our educational philosophy and step by step, comprehensive training process are designed to help students become professional Reiki Teachers and Practitioners.  We offer RERI Licensed teacher training, effective tools and ongoing support to help our teachers in building a successful career.

Practice Community

RERI has a membership-based worldwide Practice Community.  We offer a positive and safe  learning environment that facilitates continued learning and practicing.  RERI community actively supports those on a journey of self-healing and self-growth. Members of RERI  are provided with ample opportunity to be involved, contribute and grow to greater heights within the organization.

Reiki Education and Research Institute

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