We would like to thank you all for participating in the 4th Annual Reiki retreat.  It was a pleasure meeting new friends as well as welcoming the returning retreat participants. We hope that you enjoyed the healing time we had together at the retreat.

Reiki Retreat 2013 Participants

Reiki Retreat 2013 Participants

This year, the retreat attracted 23 retreat participants from Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Connecticut, Colorado and Kuwait.  The retreat included daily self-reflection time, meditation, Reiki practice, spiritual workshop as well as social time and recreational activity.  The tour of the Light Center in Black Mountain was one of the  highlight of  the retreat.  Participants experienced the light room for light healing as well as a healing circle for world peace. We bonded and shared our spiritual stories under the moonlight around the bonfire at the Spiritual gathering. The last day’s morning yoga program was a great opportunity to stretch our body and align our energy after a couple of days of intensive programs. At the end of the retreat, participants shared great ideas about Reiki community, how to create one and how to improve it at the Reiki vision program.

Reiki Share

Reiki Share

We want to take this opportunity to thank all volunteers who helped spread the word about the retreat, helped prepare for the retreat and all the donations we received. We also wanted to show our gratitude to our angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and high vibrational light beings who supported our vision through their presence during the entire retreat planning and execution.


We had such a great time. We can’t wait for the next Reiki retreat to come and we look forward to seeing you there. Information for 2014 retreat will be posted on the website in Dec 2013.  

Reiki Retreat 2013 Theme Picture Award Ask for it by Diane Fowler

Reiki Retreat 2013 Theme Picture Award
Ask for it by Diane Fowler


The Funniest Picture Award "Don't approach me. I Am Shy" by Santhosh Kumar

The Funniest Picture Award
“Don’t approach me. I Am Shy” by Santhosh Kumar


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