March 20th 2019 is the Spring Equinox 

This is the day when the sun shines directly on the equator. It occurs in the fall and the spring of the year. Scientifically it is a specific moment, on the east coast of the United States or eastern time zone it is at 5:58pm EDT. On this day the amount of darkness and light is equal. The shift from shorter days to longer days or periods of sunlight.

It is celebrated in many ways around the world and is considered a time of renewal, the season to plant, a time to clean your space.

We feel it is a great time to do the things above such as planting some flowers or vegetables and watching them sprout from the earth and bloom. Taking the concept a step further, it is a great time as we approach the day to take some time for yourself and reflect on your life journey. During that reflection period review the thoughts and ideas that begin to take form in your mind. They may relate to personal growth or healing, letting some things go, clearing your mind and allowing your creativity to have a clean slate fulfilling a dream, accomplishing a goal or manifesting something entirely new into your life.

Some steps to follow are listed below or you can create your own idea of how to approach it.

* Do some self-work by meditating and applying Reiki to yourself during the meditation while setting an intention for one or more of the above ideas to be part of the upcoming season. Write your ideas on paper or in your journal. You are preparing the garden to plant.

* Create a positive present tense affirmation in relation to your idea or intention and write it down. You are inserting the seed in your garden of the universe.

* Send Reiki energy to the concept while repeating the affirmation in mantra fashion. You are watering the garden.

* Pay attention to the opportunities that are presented to you to fulfill whatever it is you have focused on. You will be harvesting the fruits of your efforts and enjoying the benefits. The ongoing harvesting of your garden is occurring.

Whatever or however you decide to proceed, do something of this nature to change, develop, improve, empower, experience new or better things in your journey!   

Wishing all a Happy Spring Equinox filled with Love and Light!

 Bill Coryer, Co-Founder/Senior Reiki Master Teacher

Interesting fact:

When the equinox is occurring, you are able to stand an egg on end because everything in the world is in balance. 

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