For the third year in a row, Reiki Education and Research Institute (RERI) was asked to participate in the Employees Wellness Program put on annually for the employees working at the Carolina’s Behavioral Health Center located at 501 Billingsley Rd. in Charlotte, NC.   

This event offers a great opportunity for RERI to reach out to a group of people within our community to speak about and answer any questions they may have about REIKI and what RERI has to offer.  Mini Reiki sessions were also offered by RERI Clinical Students for those employees who wanted to get a sampling of what a Reiki session is like and the impact it can have on them both during and at the conclusion of the session.   

All of the available Mini-Reiki sessions were filled and those employees who participated expressed favorable comments regarding what they experienced.   Comments offered following the conclusion of each Mini-Reiki session ranged from: “I felt warm and tingly”, to “I did not feel like I was at work anymore”.  The most common response was “I feel more relaxed and calmer than I did when I came in here!”.   

RERI is always looking for ways to reach out within our Community to enlighten those willing to listen and experience what Reiki is and how it will help change each person’s life for the better.  If you would like to have RERI participate in a Community Event like this sponsored by your Employer, your School, your Community Group please contact Mei Yin at  

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