A powerful way to create a paradigm shift


What is a paradigm shift you may be asking, a paradigm shift can be a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made or thought about. When there is a shift or change in these established ideas and replaced by new and different ideas, you have a paradigm shift. A personal paradigm shift is a change of our personal viewpoints, perceptions, old beliefs and assumptions that are no longer applicable or hindering our growth.  2020 is the most challenging year in decades, the world is filled with negative energy, anger and fear. People are fearful of the current health risks caused by the global pandemic. It has also created political and economic uncertainty. The corona-virus is continually changing how we live our daily lives. We hope that the current situation will eventually awaken into a new and better world.  As President Kennedy suggested, out of crises can emerge new and incredible opportunities. Our world is in need of a major paradigm shift and there is a powerful way of creating a new world paradigm shift for the highest good of all  if we all focus on the positive side.

Quantum physic states everything is made up of energy, including our thoughts and emotions. Fear and anger are energy that manifest negative human behavior and drive people to say and do things they would not normally be prone to.  If we allow these emotions to dominate our life and be the driver of our decision-making process, it becomes a destructive force impacting ourselves and the people around us. Sadly, people aren’t always conscious of how powerfully our negative emotions can impact people and escalate situations.

Many of us feel strongly about change. Our spiritual sense tells us trying to change the world with anger and fear-based behavior is not effective. On the contrary, it perpetuates the cycle of negative energy in ourselves and others. We need to ask ourselves if we truly want to change the world for the highest good of everyone or we just want change to satisfy our own ego, personal gain or selfish reasons.

Ancient eastern philosophies and teachings share insights on approaches to life. They place the focus on spiritual work to attain inner-peace and promote the best for human nature. Eastern spiritual practices emphasize change must start from within. If we want to see a beautiful world, we must first create and hold a vision for a beautiful world in our mind. If we want to create a better world for all, we must change ourselves and our perceptions. The way to bring back our values, rebuild our societies and a new world order based on high moral standards, love and compassion requires each person to examine the spiritual wisdom passed on from our ancestors and great spiritual teachers. To truly create a new world paradigm, we must start with changing our inner paradigm. A inner paradigm shift movement will gradually occur when a large group of people begin to change their values, perceptions, thought patterns and behaviors. Together, we can create worldwide collaboration and lasting peace. As a result, creating a better and more sustainable world for everyone and our future generations.

Reiki Vision: A 4 week Spiritual Joureny Creating A Paradigm

I am not trained in Reiki. Can I take part in the 4 Week Spiritual Journey Creating a Paradigm Shift?

Yes, anyone who is open to learn and interested in joining us on this 4 weeks spiritual journey is welcome to take part in this event. If you are not trained in Reiki, we will assign an event participant who is trained in Reiki to give you support and help you navigate the programs in event.

Create a peaceful world
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