There are many stories about the origin of the ‘talking stick’ and how it was made and how it was used by various Native American tribes across North America. 

In the Northwestthe ‘talking stick’ was typically a staff carved with symbolic tribal or clan crests of the speaker or chief that typically resembled a small hand held totem pole.  It was held by the chief or designated speaker at public gatherings or ‘potlatches’ as a symbol of authority and importance.  When Speaking, the speaker would thump it upon the ground to emphasize the importance of the message being delivered to the group.   

In upstate New York, the 5 North American Tribes came together to talk and listen to each other’s grievances and disputes in an effort to resolve them so they could all live in peace.  They did so after many years of talks under the leadership of Deganawidah and formed the Iroquois Confederacy.  He believed that each person wishing to speak during these meetings be given an opportunity to share their valuable ideas and thoughts while the others listenedTo ensure that everyone had an opportunity to speak, he started a tradition of passing decorative ceremonial ‘talking stick’ around the circle giving each person the opportunity to speak.  He found that when the speaker held the ‘talking stick’ they spoke from their heart and their message would be listened carefully by the others with their hearts.   The stories of talking stick are interesting. 

Over the 10 years of RERI sponsored retreats, they have made a practice of passing a ceremonial ‘talking stick’ around the circle allowing each participant to speak from  their hearts as the others listened with their hearts.  It has been a powerful tool to encourage participants to share their inner most thoughts and emotions.   

This year, as the Retreat Planning Committee began to plan a virtual event entitled 4 Week Spiritual Journey Creating a Paradigm Shift in lieu of RERI’s annual Retreat, and with the help of our go to resident artist – Sharon Price, the idea was presented to have each participant make their own ‘Talking Stick.’  Even during a virtual event use of the ‘talking stick’ will –  

  • Encourage participants to speak from the heart, 
  • Allow the facilitator to recognize and invite individuals to speak 
  • Encourage the other participants to listen with their hearts 
  • Create a comfortable and nurturing environment where people want to speak knowing that their ideas, thoughts and emotions are not being judged, 

  Consequently , RERI would like to encourage each event participant to make their own ‘talking stick’ to empower them to speak from the heart and listen with their heart during each of the 4 Saturday programs.  If you are like me and have limited artistic abilities do not worry as there are no rules or limits as to how you make / decorate your ‘talking stick’.  Click on the link below to see a short video that Sharon and Ron made to show you how easy it is to make your own individual one of a kind ‘talking stick‘! 

If you plan on attending this event with your guest who live in the same household, you could share your talking stick with your guest.  If you prefer to purchase a talking stick made by Sharon Price, please contact Andi Crowley at 

Love and Light,

Andi Crowley

RERI Reiki Master/Retreat Planning Committee Member


4 week journey creating a paradigm shift

I am not trained in Reiki. Can I take part in the 4 Week Spiritual Journey Creating a Paradigm Shift?

Yes, anyone who is open to learn and interested in joining us on this 4 weeks spiritual journey is welcome to take part in this event. If you are not trained in Reiki, we will assign an event participant who is trained in Reiki to give you support and help you navigate the programs in event.

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Talking stick #2 – $55 plus shipping

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