Today is a day of perfect balance.  There is the same amount of daylight as there is darkness. The Spring Equinox is celebrated as not just the first day of Spring but as a time of Rebirth and Renewal. This is the beginning of new life springing up all around us in nature. Things are coming alive that have been dormant for the winter months. Why not look inside and at our surroundings and consider how we can refresh and create a vibrant environment for new experiences and growth. New experiences get us excited. Growth may be in the physical healing of our body, the taming of our emotions, the clearing of our thoughts and a renewal of our connection to all that is on our spiritual level. 

To celebrate this balance and create inner balance. There are exercises we could do to support our journey on all levels at this opportune time!  Let go of that which no longer nourishes you while attracting all which you wish to manifest in your life. 

  1. Make a list entitled:  I Release 
    • Write down all the things that are no longer serving you or holding you back. 
    • Intend that you are sending these things to the universe to be removed from your life.
    • Burn the list with that intention. 
  2. Make a list entitled: I Manifest
    • Write down all the things you wish to attract into your life.
    • Intend that you are sending these things to the universe to be attracted to your life.
    • Burn the list with that intention. 

Doing both exercises creates a balanced effort first it clears out all that is no longer serving you and then fills that gap with things that can blossom into the life you desire.  Remember that if you clean out anything it will fill again naturally.  So doing both ensures that the stuff that replaces the old creates a new, refreshing and uplifted spiritual connection to all and supports your life journey. 

If you are a Reiki practitioner, ask the energy to flow to the process as it will support, guide and ensure success that is for your higher good. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful experience today and going forward through the rest of the year. 

Happy Spring Equinox and all the wonder that comes with it. 

Love and Light 

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