I am so excited for the upcoming Reiki retreat hosted by Reiki Education and Research Institute (a.k.a RERI). Year after year, at every RERI retreat, I have had the opportunity to experience energy work that has helped me connect with my higher self and speed up my own healing.

I have been lucky enough to benefit in many ways from attending the RERI retreats. Usually, the benefits don’t just last for the duration of the retreat but last far into the year after completing the retreat. It is quite a long journey for me to attend, and it takes a lot of time and planning for me to come; however, the benefits of attending far outweigh the discomfort of the journey and the planning needed to be able to attend.


Recharging body, mind and spirit at the Reiki Retreat:  

The first major benefit that motivates me to make the trip is just how well it recharges me, not only spiritually but physically as well. The energy of the retreat has continually been so strong, year after year, I have been amazed. I still can’t quite believe how this has not changed as the location and the attendees have changed over the years. The high energy has never lessened, and the quick recharge I get from attending is truly unmatched. No amount of self-Reiki or other practices I have tried have managed to recharge me this quickly in such a short amount of time. I still remember the first time I attended the retreat in 2010, not knowing what to expect; I was in such an anxious and nervous state. Now I truly just feel joy looking forward to the upcoming retreat.

Reiki Life Force Energy

Elevating my vibration through the Reiki retreat

A second benefit I receive by attending is elevating my vibration for the rest of the year to remain in a state of gratitude, joy, and love. I find just being immersed in this specific Reiki community, living amongst one another for four days intentionally, with the purpose of healing not only ourselves but the world within which we live, is the most uplifting exercise anyone could experience. I truly enjoy being with like-minded people from different parts of the globe who have similar intentions for self-healing and world healing. Wherever I have lived, I have never found a spiritual community that can compare to the pure love and light I feel this community offers.

“Inspiring Insights: Learning and Connecting at the Reiki Retreat

Another benefit I receive by attending the retreat is learning a lot of new information in a fun way that I otherwise would not learn on my own. Not only in terms of hands-on practice but also from learning from one another’s experiences. I find it so fascinating to learn how each participant has been introduced to and brought to Reiki and their journeys thereafter. Being able to relate personally to one another in a group setting while receiving healing attunements and energy in this community we build over these few days is truly a highlight for me as I can see how it changes lives for the better.

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Overall, these four days are so amazing and pass by so quickly that any outsider can see and feel the difference in the group’s vibration on the fourth day; it is incredible. These retreats really are a great way to make a positive shift in your life and gain clarity, peace, and balance. For me personally, it is especially uplifting and healing.  It is mainly for these reasons that I find, at my age, making the over 30-hour journey to attend the retreat well worth it.

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