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Have you ever wondered if relaxation could become a habit? Are you looking for a peaceful and balanced lifestyle or longing for a stronger connection to your inner wisdom? Reiki might be the answer you are looking for.

What Is Energy Healing?

What Is Reiki?

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is an ancient healing methodology which is used by people in many cultures around the world.  There are many forms of energy healing including Reiki, bio-field energy healing, distance healing, acupuncture, therapeutic touch, healing touch, polarity therapy, emotional freedom techniques and Qi-gong.  Although each modality is governed by different principles and teaching philosophies, all are focused on restoring the body’s energy flow to promote health and well-being on the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual level.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Ki) is a Japanese term. It means Universal (or spiritual) life force energy.  A Japanese monk and scholar, Mr. Mikao Usui, rediscovered the use of Reiki to heal and to promote good health in the late 1800s through his meditation practices and his life-long study of ancient healing techniques and Sanskrit documents. Mr. Usui called this form of energy healing “a natural healing system”.

Is Reiki a religion?

Although Usui was a Japanese monk, Reiki is not affiliated with any religious practice or belief system. 

How does Reiki work?

It is based on universal truth agreed upon by today’s quantum physicists that everything in the universe is energy and different vibrational energies permeate everything in our environment.  In Reiki practice, the Reiki practitioner tunes into this higher vibrational energy and channels it through their body to themselves or another individual or living thing.  This higher vibrational energy (Reiki) flows at a higher frequency and releases energy blocks in our bodies improving energy flow.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Practicing Reiki induces a relaxed and meditative state for both the giver and the receiver. The deep relaxation generated by increased energy flow through the practitioner’s hands to the recipent’s body produces a natural healing environment for healing on the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual levels.

Would Reiki interfere with my medical treatments?

In the western view, Reiki is considered a non-invasive, complementary therapy that is used for stress reduction and symptom relief.   In recent years, there is an increasing trend of utilizing Reiki therapy in hospitals and health care facilities. There are many hospitals including a few leading medical centers in the US offering Reiki therapy as an adjunct treatment or integrative therapy in patient care, especially in the cancer or oncology department.

I am interested in learning more, how should I begin?

You can start with booking a Reiki healing session or exploring our Reiki training programs.

How is Reiki is done?

During a Reiki session, the client lies down or sits comfortably, fully clothed.  The practitioner uses light touch or places hands over specific energy centers of the body to channel universal life force energy to the recipient.  The recipient may feel warm, tingly, sleepy, refreshed or a deep state of relaxation. Check out photos below for a demonstration.

Reiki flows to the crown chakra (energy center)

Reiki flows to the temple areas

Reiki flows to the heart chakra (energy center)

Reiki flows to sacral chakra (energy center)

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