We are taking a leading role in developing professional standards in Reiki education and practice

Reiki is an ancient energy healing practice that is often misunderstood by modern society. Insufficient scientific data and lack of professional standards reduce its credibility and professionalism. Reiki Education and Research Institute (RERI) is taking a leading role in developing professional standards of education and practice in Reiki.

We regularly offer comprehensive training programs – Fundamental through Masters and beyond with instructors that are RERI-certified. Students can attend in person or via our virtual classroom. We also offer ad hoc programs for employees or members of your organization – either at your site or virtually. 

What We Offer


We offer Reiki Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment Programs to help people heal and transform their lives. Training begins with Fundamental, followed by Advanced, Master and Teaching Levels. We also provide metaphysical programs and workshops that help people find truth, purpose, and spiritual meaning in life.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Healing sessions are offered through our Reiki Clinics.  There are two types:

1) The monthly clinic provides one-on-one standard Reiki sessions in a group setting.  The monthly community clinic is held on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 6pm-8pm.

2) The student clinic provides one-on-one standard Reiki sessions in a clinical setting.

Both types of clinic sessions are charged at a reduced rate and are performed by our Intern students. Please visit our Healing Service page for more information.

Public Outreach

We are actively involved in public outreach to promote the benefits of Reiki.  We participate in local health fairs and programs  organized by our program partners, including retail businesses, hospitals, doctor offices, non-profits and various corporations.

Why we are different

We are passionate about helping people change and transform their lives. We know how hard it can be to change, grow, and develop yourself because we’ve been there.  We believe in what we do, and we have the knowledge, experience, and integrity to assist others on their healing and self-transformational journey.

How we get started?

Started in 2006

RERI originally began as a Charlotte Reiki meet-up group started by two Reiki Master/Teachers, William Coryer and Mei Yin Hung, who are passionate about Reiki and have a desire to share Reiki with others of similar interest in Charlotte, North Carolina in January of 2007. At that time, Reiki shares and social events were held monthly in different parts of the Greater Charlotte areas to provide opportunity for the group members and Reiki newbies to share and experience Reiki. Since then, the Charlotte Reiki Meet-up group has grown over 500 members today. Between 2008-09, a mission to raise public awareness of Reiki was slowly developing. Bill and Mei Yin spent most of their time in organizing and hosting community events and Reiki orientation programs to promote the health benefits of Reiki in various locations including health food stores, churches, hospitals, health fairs and hotels as well as using many other venues.

Registered as a Non for Profit Organization in 2008

In 2008, Bill and Mei Yin began developing a website, the organizational structure and filing for 501©(3) not for profit status in October 2009. The 501(c)(3) non profit status was approved and the effective date for exemption dated April 10, 2008. Other volunteers (Reiki Practitioners) including Zulma Bianchi, Stephen Buck, Barbara Butler, and Jeff Lutz have also given time and effort to assist in the development and raising funds for the initial setup. Our first volunteer program was established in 2008, we provided sample Reiki healing sessions to the visitors at drumSTRONG, a national fundraising event for cancer research in Charlotte, NC. In early 2009, the implementation of the Reiki Wellness program at the CaroMont Cancer Canter brought RERI to another level of growth. Along with this, many other opportunities have opened up and were developing. RERI became recognized in the local health care community and received its first grant from Gaston Memorial Hospital (Now called CaroMont Health) in Gastonia, North Carolina. This became a milestone of the organization’s success.

Established our home base in Charlotte in 2010

In 2009, Reiki Education, Inc. changed it’s name to Reiki Education and Research Institute to better reflect the mission and purpose  of the organization, which is to raise public awareness of the health benefits of Reiki through providing quality education and conducting Reiki research. Up until 2010 we sublet space or borrowed rooms from various organizations and businesses in the surrounding area. In 2010 with the help of some benefactors, we were able to open our own office in Gastonia, NC and a little over a year later we moved to our current location in Myers Park, Charlotte where we continue to hold educational programs and provide healing services.

During this time we also have continued to provide programs on location in many venues including those mentioned previously. We  continue to fine-tune our programs to ensure quality on all levels. Our most recent addition to the group of programs is our Teacher Training segment that gives students a well-structured and method to provide Reiki training for others. This program is intended to help us expand our reach into the community and to other communities throughout the country. We have also begun a student clinic to provide students the opportunity to utilize their skills under the supervision of a trained Reiki Master Teacher while providing those with chronic illness access to Reiki healing services.

Grass rooted organization serving students and clients worldwide

In the 10 years, we have expanded our reach to a worldwide audience through the development of our website and have students who have participated in our programs through live video from all over the world. Some international students have travelled to Charlotte to participate directly in our programs. Over the past 10 years, RERI has evolved from a small group of like-minded people into an charitable organization with students, alumni, volunteers and supporters worldwide. Since then, the organization has held over 400 events, including Reiki orientation and outreach programs, Reiki clinics, Reiki educational programs of all levels (Internship format) and conducting Reiki research. The organization is built on 95% volunteer effort lead by Bill and Mei Yin and since 2007 and 95% of our fundings come from educational programs and events.


Our Philosophy

Holistic approach to health
We believe in and promote the holistic approach to life. The holistic approach to healing and personal growth takes into account the whole person – the physical, mental/ emotional, and spiritual. Balance of all three areas is critical to one’s overall health and wellbeing. Healing, therefore, is addressed to all levels and not just physical symptoms. We encourage our students to look beyond the physical and examine all aspects of one’s life as a whole when addressing illness or other challenges.
Use of Reiki
Reiki is an energy healing method as well as a self-help tool that addresses one’s being and existence on all of these levels. It is a subtle yet powerful approach to improving the overall quality of life for everyone as well as effectively supporting the healing process of physical illnesses and emotional distress. It is an effective complementary healing method to traditional western medical practices and helps create a positive healing environment and mind-body connection.
Education Approach
We believe everyone should have, at the very least, Fundamental Reiki training. Reiki is not only an effective healing modality to support one’s healing process but also a valuable personal/spiritual development tool. We provide in-depth Reiki training of all levels and opportunities for students to experience self-healing during the educational process. Our program is designed to provide students sufficient time to understand the concepts of healing the body, mind and spirit and to allow it to be absorbed in the subconscious mind, making Reiki truly an integrated part of one’s approach to life.

Real-life application
  • Students are required to begin their Reiki training at the Fundamental Level.  Each level of training includes in-depth and extensive course work, emphasizing self-healing, and personal and spiritual development using Reiki. Our comprehensive educational process helps students to develop knowledge and skills in this healing art.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in our student clinic where Reiki sessions are offered to the general public at a reduced rate. The clinical experience provides our students both theoretical and applied experience in Reiki.
Spiritual development
  • Spiritual development is an important component of Reiki for professional teachers and practitioners. We incorporate many spiritual topics and spiritual practices in our Reiki training.
  • In addition to training offered in the classroom setting, we provide a complete healing and spiritual mentoring service to support students on their learning and healing journey.
Community development
Our Reiki community is supported by students, alumni, donors, Board of Directors and volunteers who believe in our mission and values. We organize regular community events including a monthly Reiki and Intention circle, monthly Reiki clinic, spiritual gathering, metaphysical workshops and an annual Reiki retreat to nurture and support the growth of our Reiki community. 

Social Responsibility
RERI strives to create a non-ego based and energy-conscious culture. We conduct a monthly healing event where participants send Reiki to their family, communities and the world. Reiki practitioners emit more loving and positive energy, which is the means by which we can transform the world and make it a better place for everyone.  Our world will become more peaceful and harmonious as more people learn and practice Reiki.

From Our Students and Clients
Reiki Education and Research Institute continues to touch people’s lives in so many ways…
This school has so much to offer! The teaching methodology is comprehensive, the techniques WORK with startling and awe-inspiring results and they offer a wonderful network of support along your healing journey.  RERI also offers a professional and student clinic for your healing needs and did I mention that they do scientific research on the benefits of Reiki? Yes! You read that correctly! Scientific research on Reiki! I have never met or heard of any other practitioner/school exploring such a thing.
Henny Kablan

Restaurant Manager

Bill and Mei Yin are amazing and they helped me with neck pain that no one else could help. Now I refer my patients to them and they have wonderful success. I am an MD. When things in my patients don’t follow the rules or there is some history of trauma or anxiety etc attached, I love to send them to this couple. Amazing results and longer lasting results!

Dr. Cammy Benton




Heal individuals, communities and the world physically, mental-emotionally and spiritually with Reiki, an energy healing modality.


Becoming the leading force in providing the best practices for Reiki education and healing services.


  • Monthly Reiki & Intention Circle
  • Annual Retreat
  • Monthly Coffee Club
  • Open House
  • Student Clinic
  • Community Clinic