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Reiki Benefits and Testimonials

Anyone can benefit from Reiki and Reiki is easy to learn. Many people use Reiki to balance energy flow for vitality, well-being and to help others who are experiencing physical or mental, emotional distress.

According to the National Center for Complementary and  Alternative Medicine article written in April 2006 ” there are more than 1.2 million adults had used an energy healing therapy, such as Reiki in 2006. In addition, according to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey, there were approximately 161,000 children had used an energy healing therapy in the same year.”

The article also states that “People use Reiki for relaxation, stress reduction, and symptom relief, in efforts to improve overall health and well-being. Reiki has been used by people with anxiety, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, and other health conditions, as well as by people recovering from surgery or experiencing side effects from cancer treatments.  Reiki has been given to people who are dying and to their families and caregivers to help impart a sense of peace.”


“We have utilized Reiki in a pilot program here at CaroMont Cancer Center offered by Reiki Education and Research Institute to aid in stress management for our breast cancer patients. We have found through a survey mechanism that this has offered significant improvement in the sense of well-being and coping during chemotherapy and radiation” ~ Dr. Charles Meakins, CaroMont Cancer Center, CaroMont Health

 “I am particularly impressed with the Reiki Internship Program, Reiki Education, Inc. has been there for me to answer all my questions. Reiki Education is dedicated to ensuring that all involved get the full benefit out of their Reiki training and experience” ~ Level I student, Stacey Kangas

“Reiki Education has been an excellent resource for me to continue my study of reiki and apply my practice to everyday life. Bill’s practical approach and flawless teaching style allows me to relax and know that there is no wrong way. He is a knowledgeable resource that welcomes inquiry.” ~ Jennifer R

“The Reiki Internship Program has been so beneficial to my growth as a Reiki Master and spiritual growth. The program is concise, informative, supportive, and supports individual soul growth.” – student

 “Bill Coryer, is a remarkable teacher, mentor and supportive friend. He is a very knowledgeable, and in depth Reiki Master and spiritual teacher. He is always there for you when you need him with guidance and love. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his support in my life. I highly recommend him as a Reiki Master/Instructor, mentor and friend.” – Barbara B

“Making Reiki a part of my everyday life- as both a student of Reiki I & II and as a regular Reiki client- has deeply impacted my life and accelerated my healing from a major family tragedy and loss. Because of Reiki, I am now empowered to heal the past and joyfully proceed to live the highest vision of my life. I can’t believe it has been a year since my first Reiki I class! My life (in the every-day sense as well as well as the BIG sense) has been changed!!! Many Thanks!” – AJT

“Regarding session for Back Pain: FYI…since yesterday’s session pain is completely gone! Thank you!” – SK

“The format was perfect. I learned alot from the classroom discussions and the written materials were great for reviewing the material at home – I went back to re-read the lessons many times. Thanks for a great experience!” ~ Level I student

“I feel like I am a much better person now having taken this course. The instructors were very professional and made sure that our next step was not taken until we understood and were proficient with the lesson at hand.” ~ Level I student

“The course has been very beneficial to me in my daily life and keeping things in the now. For me the thing about the instructors that made me feel great about the course is that they were available to me inside and outside the class for any questions . That was the one thing that would have me suggest or take another course from these instructors.”  ~ Level I student

 “I just wanted to share some of my experiences since the attunement. First, I’ve been giving myself the Reiki treatments almost every day. They feel GREAT! J If nothing else, those have been life altering. You see, I used to drink regularly. Now, the buzz I got from drinking doesn’t even compare to the buzz I get from the Reiki energy. Now, if it’s more than just a small glass of wine, I feel like crap afterwards. That was my experience this weekend. Second, the morning after the attunement the woman I work with got a strange look on her face as we were sitting talking. She said my arms were glowing reddish purple when she was looking at my face but when she looked directly at my arms they went back to normal color no matter how many times she looked away and looked back. She couldn’t figure out why since there was nothing red or purple in the office. Third, I gave a treatment to my cat. Boy did she ever love that! I hit a certain place on her and it was like grabbing onto a live wire. The energy was flowing so heavily that I got very hot and flushed. It tapered off after a few minutes and my temperature immediately returned to normal. She was purring like crazy! It was a very cool experience. Last, SOMETHING “broke loose” this morning physically and energetically. I was not meditating so it was a little strange to have it just happen. The best was to describe it is the vibrations have changed somehow.” – LB

“Hello! I would like to thank you and Mei Yin for such an amazing Reiki retreat and weekends. Truly I had a great experiences.” – TM

“Just want to say a special thank you for taking the time and being part of our employee health expo 2012! Your contribution is greatly appreciated and was a valuable component of our success! ~ Sincerely, CaroMont Health Wellness Team

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Reiki Class/Training

We offer complete training on Reiki including Fundamental Reiki (traditional Reiki I and II), advanced level and Reiki Master and RERI Teaching level. The comprehensive training provides students a good foundation and knowledge base on Reiki and related metaphysical subjects for healing and personal empowerment. CLICK HERE for class information and registration

Student Reiki Practice Session (For RERI students only)

Each month, RERI offers our students opportunities to practice Reiki and continue their learning, self-healing and spiritual development in a professional, supportive and comfortable environment.
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A private healing session (treatment) can help improve and balance your energy flow and promote body, mind and spirit connection. Treatment is done by a professional and experienced Reiki Master/Teacher who has comprehensive Reiki training and years of experience in both teaching and providing treatments in clinical settings. CLICK HERE for more information or call 704-644-3644 to make an appointment


Reiki Education and Research Institute is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are a grass-roots, community based organization promoting the benefits of Reiki, making Reiki available and affordable in Charlotte and surrounding counties.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life by increasing awareness of the health benefits of Reiki, an energy healing treatment method that can reduce stress and enhance the healing process.  The vision of Reiki Education and Research Institute is to be instrumental in the acceptance of Reiki as a valued and scientifically proven complementary treatment method used in health care facilities throughout the world. Our vision is advanced by providing quality education on Reiki, public awareness events, community outreach programs, Reiki clinics and conducting Reiki research.