Bill Coryer is a Senior Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and Teacher of metaphysical subjects. Bill received a BA degree in Sociology from St. Michael College in Vermont and a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology in Alabama. He has been trained in many other areas including meditation, breath work, mind-body connection techniques as well as nutritional programs. Bill’s experience and achievements include drug rehabilitation counseling, crisis management counseling, personal development and mentoring, treatment program implementation and evaluation, corporate troubleshooting, and community-based holistic health campaigns. His diverse background and life experiences, give him exceptional insight about how to help others overcome their life challenges. He has provided healing and mentoring sessions to many individuals on their life paths to grow on both personal and professional levels.   His experience over the past several years includes assisting individuals and families with the transition process and the healing of the associated grief experienced. He has also taught hospice staff and medical staff how Reiki can be an effective tool in assisting individuals and families with transitioning. He has a track record of being able to work effectively with individuals and professionals in the medical and social services fields achieving phenomenal results on physical, mental-emotional and spiritual levels.


–> Bill’s Healing Journey 

In the early 2000’s, Bill was experiencing severe health issues. He started to receive Reiki sessions regularly from a Reiki Master in New York due to severe and chronic acid reflux disease and soon his whole life began changing for the better. He noted that his symptoms did not go away immediately but he began feeling generally better after about six months when his wife Mei Yin pointed out that he was changing in many ways. Over time the symptoms of various physical challenges began to dissolve.  In addition, he noticed more clarity in his thinking and better ability to focus.  This experience prompted him to learn Reiki.  He did self-Reiki daily and continued receiving sessions on a regular basis. As his journey and experiences progressed, not only did he heal on all levels but his experiences gave him a totally new perspective on holistic health and life.


–> Journey to create Reiki Education and Research Institute  

Bill and his wife Mei Yin moved to the Charlotte area in 2006 and shortly thereafter started the Charlotte Reiki Meet-Up.  This soon morphed into the current non-profit organization, Reiki Education and Research Institute (RERI).  Bill’s passion in helping people overcome life challenges in all areas is demonstrated by his wholehearted effort in educating people on Reiki and working to develop programs of instruction that would become the training material for Reiki Education and Research Institute. His leadership played a large part in Reiki being introduced to cancer patients, cancer survivors and caregivers at the CaroMont Cancer Center in Gaston Memorial Hospital as a complementary treatment method in 2009. Bill currently serves on the board as the President of RERI and he is involved in day-to-day operations and continued development of RERI.




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