Make this Christmas a spiritual and meaningful one!

Dec 15, 2010 (Sat)

5pm – open end

Mugs Coffee (Park Selwyn Terrace)

5126 Park Road, Set 1D, Charlotte NC 28209 

5:00pm -6:00pm  

Oneness Program

6:15 – open end

Full Holiday Buffet w/complimentary non-alcoholic beverages

(Deluxe coffee beverages included)  

This is a kid-friendly event. Feel free to bring your family and friends. 



Your contribution is tax deductible!

Each year, Reiki Education and Research Institute hosts a Christmas event for our community!  This year, we are preparing a “Oneness Celebration” and a spiritual gathering for you. The Oneness program followed by a full deluxe holiday buffet and networking time!


Oneness Celebration and a Spiritual Gathering ~

Say goodbye to separation, it is time to embrace oneness!

No matter what is happening in your live and in the world right now. We can change it for the better as long as we are willing to take a step forward together!

Join us for a oneness celebration to get a deeper connection with yourself and others in both local and global community. Your presence and action help increase vibration of all and raise collective consciousness for spiritual awakening and create a sustainable world.  As we hold a higher vision for oneness, we help move humanity from an individualistic selves to a complete oneness. What a meaningful way to celebrate this special time of the year as we approaching a new and great journey in 2013.   This event will uplift your spirit, heal yourself and others and prepare yourself for a greater spiritual journey ahead!

The program includes a insightful lecture, activities and ceremony on Global Oneness and Spiritual Consciousness, Breathe and Stretch into Oneness, Oneness Intentions Circle and more.


~ The location ~

5126 Park Road, Ste 1D, Charlotte, NC28209

Mugs coffee is located in the Park Selwyn Shopping Center, on the corner of Park Rd and Selwyn Ave, next to Portofino’s Italian Restaurant and Lucky Lou’s Tavern, right in the South Park/South Charlotte area!

(click on the photo to visit Mug’s website)

 ~ A full deluxe holiday buffet will be served  ~

Menu includes gourmet appetizers, cheese and fruit tray, fresh shrimp and cocktails sauce, chips and dips and more.  Hot buffet dinner includes both signature holiday dishes and vegetarian options. Assorted dessert plates with complimentary deluxe coffee and non alcoholic  beverages. 


Your contribution is tax-deductible! 

RSVP before Dec 5, 2012

Price includes “Oneness Celebration” kid friendly lecture & program and holiday buffet

$ 35 / adult

$ 60 / couple

$10 / 18 and under

Free / 12 and under

$5 discount each person for group of 4 and up,

RERI student can create your own group and get the discount

Funds will be used to cover cost for this program.

Left over funds from this program will be donated to

a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization

Reiki Education and Research Institute/Charlotte Healing Center

RSVP after Dec 5, 2012

Call for space availability



Your contribution is tax deductible! 

~ Something you should be aware of ~

1) To RSVP, you can also contact us at 704-6443644

2)  Pick up your phone to let your family and friends know about this great event and also help us spread the words by sharing this post on your social networking sites!

3) Children are welcome. Just a friendly reminder: If you are bringing small children, please keep an eye on them The cafe is very roomy and has outdoor seating which is available for adults and kids to unwind (kids have to be under adult supervision)

Questions? Call 704-644-3644 or email to

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