It took a few years of hard work, but our dream of having a Reiki Healing Center has finally come true. In the past few years, our effort in promoting the health benefits of Reiki, bringing Reiki to our community and improving the image of energy healing became an important mission of our everyday lives. Although it is a rewarding experience and spiritual journey for us, the process of building and expanding the organization is not an easy task and it is not always smooth sailing.  The most rewarding and exciting part of being the founders/leaders of the organization is that we get to experience how Reiki impacts individuals on a daily basis and how Reiki could positivley affect our society in the long term.  Whether it is teaching Reiki or giving Reiki treatments, when clients tell us they feel better and/or they are hopeful and able to regain their faith in coping with life’s  challenges, it gives us confirmation of being on the right path, we know the effort is worthwhile effort and a mission we must carry on.

We are very excited and hopeful for the new Charlotte Reiki Healing Center. The center will represent a key milestone for the development of Reiki Education and Research Institute and it’s continual effort in offering and expanding Reiki healing program and services in Charlotte. We envision the center as a resource center for people who seek healing on the physical,  mental,  emotional and spiritual levels as well as personal and spiritual growth.  The center will provide professional, quality, in-depth Reiki training, continued education on Reiki and related metaphysical subjects, Reiki treatments and more.

Stay tuned for the Charlotte Reiki Healing Center opening date!

Love and Light,

Mei Yin Hung

RMT/Director of Operations

Reiki Education and Research Institute

Sign up for our upcoming events: 

August Reiki Stress Management Clinic

(clinic fills up quickly, advanced registration is recommended) 

August 29  RERI Student Reiki Practice

(current students and alumni of all trained levels are welcome)

July Reiki Level I – Personal Empowerment Program 

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