About Our Healing Sessions

Reiki Education and Research Institute offers Reiki healing session in two types of clinic: student clinic and monthly community clinic. We also offer donation based distance healing service.

Choose your option to experience Reiki

Student Clinic

Receive a package of 5 weekly Reiki sessions from one of our Intern students who is undergoing our clinical certification training.  The student clinic provides opportunities for people to receive one-on-one Reiki sessions at a reduced rate.  The fee for a package of 5 sessions is $125. To book your sessions, please click on the link below to fill out a form and we will contact you to schedule your sessions.

Monthly Community Clinic

The monthly community clinic is open on the 2nd Thursday from 6pm-8pm. The sessions are provided in an open clinic setting and the sesssions are done by our Intern students who are undergoing our clinical certification training. The fee for the session is $25 and each participant can purchase an additional session for a guest. Children under 18 require parental consent and one parent must be present at the appointment.

Distance Healing

Reiki healing can be sent in a distance (near and far). Your distance healing request will be sent to our volunteer team by email within 48 hours after receiving your request. Our volunteers will send distance healing based on the request.  We do not monitor when and how the distance healing will be sent. This service is free and donation is appreciated so we can continue offering this free service to people who are in need of healing. For the free service, please click on the button below to submit a healing request. If you would like to book a private one on one session with an experienced Reiki Master Teacher/Spiritual Mentor. Please call us to schedule your appointment.

Reasons for a Reiki Healing Session

Stress and Pain

Acute and Chronic Diseases

Emotional Distress and Depression

Divorce, Grieving, Difficult Life Transition

Dissatisfied with Life, Looking For Deeper Meanings In Life

Spiritual Disconnect


“My family has benefited from reiki treatments in both the student clinic and the customized sessions at Ki-Paradigm LLC. Such a great way for children, teens and adults to de-stress and rebalance. Also check out the course offerings. The RERI curriculum is thoughtfully planned and includes comprehensive knowledge of Reiki use and application. I plan to complete through the Master Practitioner level.”


“Cannot say enough! I started reiki here primarily for my anxiety. I received 5 sessions at the student clinic and thought that would be it for reiki. Well I fell in love. Never experienced anything quite like it. I loved it so much, I decided to get trained through RERI.”

Swati Karkanis

“Since yesterday’s Reiki session, my back pain is completely gone! Thank You!!”

Dr. Charles Meakins

“We have utilized Reiki in a pilot program here at CaroMont Cancer Center offered by Reiki Education and Research Institute to aid in stress management for our breast cancer patients.  We have found through a survey mechanism that this has offered significant improvement in the sense of well-being and coping during chemotherapy and radiation”

Debra Cullen

“What a great value! Reiki sessions by graduates of RERI study under the supervision of instructors. I experienced improvement in several physical issues, increased awareness of and ability to address emotional issues, and a deeper understanding of Reiki overall. There have been two instances when Reiki treatment sopped migraines – remarkable, as these headaches have been ongoing for decades.”

J.M. Carstarphen

“I have found Reiki Healing Session relieves stress and gives me a sense of well-being. They have been a great help to me. I think anyone going through a serious illness would benefit from Reiki Healing Session.”

Testimonials From Cancer Survivors

About Our Service Partner,

Ki-Paradigm, LLC

Ki-Paradigm LLC is an authorized service partner of Reiki Education and Research Institute. Ki-Paradigm was created by Mei Yin and Bill, Senior RMTs and Co-Founders of RERI.

Ki-Paradigm LLC offers comprehensive and customized healing and spiritual coaching/mentoring sessions to accommodate clients with special needs on their healing journey.  The professional and customized healing and spiritual mentoring through Ki-Paradigm LLC are done at the Reiki Education and Research Institute facility, an approved facilities or via our online portal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reiki Session

How much does the Reiki session cost at the student clinic and monthly community clinic?
  • Student Clinic - It is $125 for a five-session package. This must be paid at registration.
  • Monthly Community Clinic - Each session is $25.


How long is a Reiki session at the Student and Monthly Community Clinic?

Each Reiki session at the Student or Monthly Community Clinic is 40 minutes long.

What are the differences between having the session done at the Student Clinic and the Monthly Community Clinic?

Sessions at both clinics are provided by our Intern students who have completed our Fundamental Level (equivalent to Western Reiki I and II training) or higher level.

  • Student Clinic - You must be willing to commit to 5 weekly sessions and allow us to measure your session's result.  To arrange to participate, fill out a student clinic request form.  We will contact you to schedule the sessions. Sessions are monitored for research purposes.
  • Monthly Community Clinic - You can purchase a maximum of two sessions (one for yourself and one for a guest) for each Monthly Clinic.  You can purchase the session(s) and reserve a time slot directly on our website.  These sessions are not monitored.
Do I have to remove my clothes when I receive Reiki?

No, you are not required to remove your clothes to receive the healing session. We will ask you to remove your shoes before you get on the massage table so the practitioner can place hands directly on your feet. Practitioners use light touch to channel energy.  The practitioner will not touch your private areas. If you do not like to be touched while receiving Reiki, please tell your practitioner before the session.

How can I expect to feel after a Reiki session?

It is an individual experience and may even be different each time you have a session.  It is not uncommon to feel tired and/or dehydrated immediately afterwards, so bring along some water and plan on giving yourself a few minutes before leaving.  You will have an opportunity to briefly discuss your experience and how you are feeling with your practitioner at the close of your session.

Can I arrange to receive Reiki from an experienced Master Practitioner instead of a student?

Yes, you can book a professional session with one of our certified Reiki Practitioners at Ki-Paradigm, LLC. Please visit ki-paradigm.com for more information about professional Reiki healing and spiritual mentoring sessions.

Will my health insurance pay for my Reiki session?

Please check with your insurance company.



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