Level of interest

Where to start

Level 1:

You have heard of Reiki. You are curious and want to know how it feels to receive Reiki  

  • Receive sessions at our monthly community clinic OR
  • Receive sessions at our student clinic OR
  • Healing and mentoring sessions with a RERI certified Reiki Master Teacher/Mentor
Level 2:

You have experiencing physical ailments/emotional de-stress/mild depression. You know you are out of balance. You are looking for ways of improving your health and creating balance in your life.

  • Receive sessions at our Student clinic OR
  • Healing and mentoring sessions with a RERI certified Reiki Master Teacher /Mentor
Level 3:

You are interested or have in need in self-healing.  You are searching for a deeper meaning of life, looking for ways of creating inner peace and harmony in your life. You want to learn it.

  • Start with our Fundamental Level of Reiki training AND/OR
  • Receiving some Reiki healing mentoring sessions from your instructors which will accelerate your healing and learning process
Level 4:

You are fascinated with the subject of healing and you are ready to dive into the world of healing and personal development, empowering yourself and changing your life.

  • Complete the Fundamental Level of Reiki training AND 
  • Enroll in our Advanced training and the Master training AND
  • Take an active role in our practice community.
Level 5:

  • You are comfortable with the progress of your own personal healing and you plan on continue learning. 
  • You want to serve others by teaching Reiki and healing others with Reiki.  
  • You respect and support RERI educational philosophy and you have a strong desire to become part of this fast growing organization.
  • Enroll in the RERI teacher training program AND
  • Take an active leadership role in the RERI practice community.

Our research based student clinic

offers Reiki healing session at a reduced rate to suit all budget needs.

To make an appointment

Call 704-644-3644


The private healing and mentoring sessions

are provided by our experienced and certified Reiki Master Teachers/Mentors who have clinical experience as well as private practice experience.

To make an appointment

Call 704-644-3644



Class Schedule


Reiki Education and Research Institute

We are located at 725 Providence Road, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28207. Our office is located on the 2nd floor inside the Town Center Building. Parking available in front of and behind the building.

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