Mei Yin was born and raised in Hong Kong. She studied Business Administration specializing in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the UK at the University of Northumbria. Mei Yin has over 10 years of working experience in project development and international trade consulting. In her early career, Mei Yin worked for Tormont Publications in Montreal as a Project Manager. After leaving her position, she started her own international trade consulting business. Mei Yin is a world traveler and she has been to many countries for business and leisure. Her traveling journey includes some unforgettable trips. One in particular is a visit to Nepal where she spent 3 weeks trekking in the Mount Everest region to experience the culture and purifying energy in those higher altitudes. In 2001, she settled in the United States and began her new life and adventure in America. She married her husband Bill Coryer in 2002 and became a US citizen in 2017.


–> Journey to discover Reiki

Mei Yin began her Reiki Journey in early 2000, desperately looking for an alternative therapy to help her husband heal from chronic acid reflux disease. She describes it as being lead or guided to pick up a business card at a local health food store. She didn’t know what Reiki meant at the time. She brought home the business card and asked her husband to give the Reiki Master a call. After Mei Yin and Bill experienced their first Reiki healing session, they began to study Reiki with a passion and practice it regularly.


–> Her healing journey with Reiki

After practicing and studying Reiki for a little while, Mei Yin began to notice the impact that Reiki had on her overall health. She felt better physically when she practiced self-Reiki or received a Reiki session from another practitioner, especially when her energy was low or she felt sick. On many occasions, Reiki helped reduce her pain level from migraine headaches and helped her release negative emotions and blocked energy. Over time, she noticed that Reiki helped change her perceptions about people and situations. It also provided her strength and insights in handling life’s challenges. Mei Yin found Reiki very effective and it has become a major contributor to her overall health and well-being. The greatest benefit from Reiki is that she feels more in-tune with herself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki gave her a stronger connection with others and a new prospective on life.


–> Journey to create Reiki Education and Research Institute

Inspired by her healing experiences with Reiki, Mei Yin co-sponsored the Charlotte Reiki Meet-up group and created a Reiki community for people interested in Reiki in the Greater Charlotte area in 2007. In 2008, she and Bill Coryer, founded Reiki Education and Research Institute (RERI), a charitable 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization to raise awareness of the health benefits of Reiki. Since 2007, Mei Yin has been involved in business and program development for RERI and she is dedicated to building a professional education and research institute to raise educational standards of Reiki and conduct research studies to validate its effectiveness.


–> Mei-Yin’s healing work

In 2009, Mei Yin along with Bill Coryer and the medical staff of the cancer center created a monthly Reiki wellness program for cancer patients and survivors at the CaroMont Cancer Center in Gastonia, NC. The monthly program developed into a weekly Reiki symptom management clinic within a year. The clinic offered Reiki sessions as an adjunct treatment for cancer patients and survivors from 2009-2011. Mei Yin helped many cancer patients by relieving their stress, anxiety, pain and other cancer-related symptoms through the use of Reiki. This gave many cancer patients hope and a sense of peace and well-being. Since 2009 Mei Yin has been offering Reiki sessions in her private practice to help people who are facing physical challenges, dealing with life’s challenges or who simply want to be more connected to their inner self.






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