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“The Reiki Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment Program

deliver effective tools to help you

change, heal and manifest a life you truly want”

Excellent Student Supports

RERI’s teacher and mentors provide excellent supports to help students get the most out of their Reiki and program experiences. We involve students in anyway we can beyond the classroom and we encourage community development.

Results Driven Educational Process

Our unique H.E.A.L. educational process provides student a well-rounded education on Reiki, and creates positive change and success in student’s life.

High Standards and Values

RERI is a professional institute of Reiki and metaphysical subjects. We believe in and deliver highest standards and values on Reiki education and practice. We have a track records of success and we are well respected in the community. Our programs are culture-relevant and suitable for people of all walks of life.

Distance Learning Option

Our distance learning option enables students to study anywhere they are. Our programs have been attracting many national and international students from all over the world.

Get certified with RERI

Our comprehensive training process prepares student to become proficient in their healing work . Student can grow and be part of a fast growing organization by becoming a member or a Licensed RERI Teacher/Mentor.

Practice Community

RERI has a membership-based worldwide practice community offering our students a safe and positive learning environment for continued learning and practice. The community is supported by students and alumni who are on a journey of self discovery and are actively involved in world healing through the practice of Reiki.
Discover Reiki and the healing it can bring you. This institute is an amazing place where you can be treated by Reiki practitioners and also sign up for classes to learn more. A wonderful place to grow, discover, heal.  
John Betz

I had an amazing experience at Reiki Education and Research Institute and it was extremely beneficial. They are very knowledgeable and experienced so if you are looking to learn Reiki or have your own private session then this is the place to go!
Eric Finley

Being involved with RERI at the student level and participating in the Student Clinic has changed my life. I am where I feel I am supposed to be and very happy and healthier for it. Not only have I learned to help others with reiki, I can only help others if I am fit and prepared to help others. The only way to become fit and prepared to help others is to start with myself.
Charlene Justice /Licensed RERI Teacher in Training

Registered Nurse

The RERI team devised a program that allowed me to study, practice and achieve my master and Licensed RERI teaching training online since I do not live in the US. The organization and presentation of the materials coupled with the instructor’s enthusiasm and constant availability via email, phone, and messaging made it an incredible learning journey in Reiki that I am ever grateful for!
Tayyebeh Marefat / Licensed RERI Teacher

Retired Executive Administrative Manager

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