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Education Philosophy

Our philosophy:

Reiki Education and Research Institute supports the Holistic approach to life.  The Holistic health approach to healing and personal growth takes into account the whole person.  That means the physical being, the mental/ emotional being and the spiritual being.  Healing, therefore, is addressed to all levels and not just the physical symptomatology being experienced.  Balance of all areas of ones being are critical to the overall health and wellbeing.  We encourage all to look beyond the physical and examine all aspects of ones life as a whole when addressing illness or other challenges.

Holistic approach and the use of Reiki:

Reiki is an energy treatment method as well as a self-help tool that addresses ones being and existence on all of these levels.  It is a subtle yet powerful approach to improving the overall quality of life for everyone as well as effectively supporting the healing process of physical illnesses and emotional distress.  It is a very effective complementary treatment to traditional western medical practices and helps create a positive healing environment and mind-body connection.

Our education approach:

We believe that everyone should have at the very least Fundamental Reiki training.  Not only is it effective for the support of the healing process but is a valuable personal/spiritual development tool.  That is why our Reiki program is called Reiki Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment Program. We provide in-depth Reiki training of all levels and opportunities for students to experience healing during the educational process.  Our program is designed to allow students sufficient time to understand the concepts of healing the body, mind and spirit and to allow it to be absorbed in the subconscious mind making Reiki truly an integrated part of one’s approach to life.

The Reiki Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment Program:

The Reiki Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment Program are well structured programs aim at providing students a strong foundation in Dr. Usui’s Reiki method of Natural healing often referred to as Usui Reiki.  In addition, the instruction includes related support material, metaphysical topics and practical hands on experiential training in what we consider an Internship format.  Classes include lectures, group discussions, Reiki attunements, homework assignments, practical experience as well as extra curricular activities for continued learning.

  • Different from traditional Reiki classes taught in the West.
  • There are 5 levels of Reiki Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment programs.
  • Our programs are Internship based and spread out over a period of time.
  • Each level of our Reiki training includes metaphysical and self development topics.
  • Group discussions
  • Between class exercises
  • Additional class materials which are pertinent to healing and personal empowerment and help students incorporate Reiki into their daily life.



Reiki Class/Training

We offer complete training on Reiki including Fundamental Reiki (traditional Reiki I and II), advanced level and Reiki Master and RERI Teaching level. The comprehensive training provides students a good foundation and knowledge base on Reiki and related metaphysical subjects for healing and personal empowerment. CLICK HERE for class information and registration

Student Reiki Practice Session (For RERI students only)

Each month, RERI offers our students opportunities to practice Reiki and continue their learning, self-healing and spiritual development in a professional, supportive and comfortable environment.
Stay tune for 2014 schedule for student activities and programs.

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Reiki Clinic – OPEN NOW!

Our Reiki Clinic offers opportunity to receive Reiki healing session at a reduced rate. CLICK HERE for more information

Annual Reiki Retreat

Reiki retreat is a weekend gathering of Reiki practitioners to enjoy nature, share Reiki, explore metaphysical subjects and experience spiritual connection. RERI organizes a retreat once a year in the Fall. The retreat is suitable for Reiki practitioner of all trained levels, various Reiki lineages and have a desire to continued learning and personal growth and spiritual development. CLICK HERE for information about the 5th Annual Reiki Retreat in 2014

Private Reiki Healing Session

A private healing session (treatment) can help improve and balance your energy flow and promote body, mind and spirit connection. Treatment is done by a professional and experienced Reiki Master/Teacher who has comprehensive Reiki training and years of experience in both teaching and providing treatments in clinical settings. CLICK HERE for more information or call 704-644-3644 to make an appointment


Reiki Education and Research Institute is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are a grass-roots, community based organization promoting the benefits of Reiki, making Reiki available and affordable in Charlotte and surrounding counties.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life by increasing awareness of the health benefits of Reiki, an energy healing treatment method that can reduce stress and enhance the healing process.  The vision of Reiki Education and Research Institute is to be instrumental in the acceptance of Reiki as a valued and scientifically proven complementary treatment method used in health care facilities throughout the world. Our vision is advanced by providing quality education on Reiki, public awareness events, community outreach programs, Reiki clinics and conducting Reiki research.