Different from traditional Reiki taught in the west

Our Reiki program is a comprehensive healing and personal development program.

Offering 24 CE credits (Fundamental Level) for Massage Therapist

Both onsite and live video training available

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RERI is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our school facility includes treatment rooms, classrooms and community space. Our Reiki programs are scheduled at convenient times with weekday evenings and weekend hours to suit a variety of student schedules. In addition, we offer live video classes that allow students to earn an education with us anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Tuition: $600

Course Duration: Total Course Hours: 24 Hours

Certification: Reiki Education and Research Institute – Fundamental Level Certificate

CE Credits for Massage Therapist:


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The Fundamental program is well structured in an internship format. It aims at building a strong foundation in Dr. Usui’s Reiki Method of Natural Healing, often referred to as Usui Reiki. Students study stress management methods, techniques of increasing sensitivity and self-awareness, the traditional western Reiki and learn to use Reiki for self healing. This program emphasizes on self healing, increasing personal awareness and power. During the learning process, students are guided to apply and incorporate Reiki into their daily life and given plenty of opportunities for hands-on practice and class discussion.

Reiki Level I and II (Western and Japanese Techniques)

Additional course materials beyond Reiki taught commonly in the west to aid in learning

Hands-on practice and application

Stress Management and create a more balanced lifestyle

Self healing and increase self awareness

A desire to heal yourself

A positive attitude, willing to learn and commit to self healing

Attuned to traditional western Reiki Level I and II

 Able to use Reiki and additional healing techniques taught in this program for stress management, self healing on the physical, mental-emotional and the spiritual level.

Able to use Reiki to increase personal and spiritual awareness.

 Able to preform self Reiki session and session on your loved one.

 Good understanding on the usage of Reiki symbols and know how to use the symbols in distance healing.

 Able to apply techniques learned in the second half of the program for mental-emotional healing.

Reiki Class schedule


Tuition: $750

Course Duration Total: 17.5 class hours 7 classes

Certification: Reiki Education and Research Institute – Advanced Level Certificate

CE offers: N/A


Upcoming Class Schedule

The Advance Level develops and increases student’s healing ability and the understanding of Reiki practice from different prospectives. This is a preparation course for the Reiki Master program.  Advanced Healing Techniques  Spiritual Development
   Completed Reiki Level I and Level II Program  
   Practical usage of Reiki for self healing  

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Class Schedule


Class 1 - Jan 13, 2020

Class 2 - Jan 27

Class 3 - Feb 10

Class 4 - Feb 24

Class 5 - Mar 9

Class 6 - Mar 23

Class 7 - Apr 6

Total Course Hours: 17.5


725 Providence Road, Suite 200, Charlotte


Bill Coryer
Mei-Yin Hung
Senior RMTs
Spiritual Mentors

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“RERI has been an excellent resource for me to continue my study of Reiki and apply my practice in everyday life. Their practical approach and flawless teaching style allows me to relax and know that there is no wrong way.”

Jennifer Rampersand

Hospice Employee

“I had an amazing experience at Reiki Education and Research Institute and it was extremely beneficial. They are very knowledgeable and experienced so if you are looking to learn Reiki or have your own private session then this is the place to go!”

Eric Finley


“I came to RERI through what I now call a series of ‘my fortunate events’ to learn what Reiki was all about.  Through participation in their classes, clinical opportunities, mentoring and professional sessions, I find myself on an incredible spiritual journey to becoming a Reiki Master.”

Andi Crowley

Retired Engineer

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