Reiki Practice

We offer events regularly such as our monthly Reiki and Intention Circle for our students and alumni to come together for Reiki and spiritual practice.

Social Events

We host monthly coffee meetup and social luncheon to provide opportunites for like-minded people to share similar interest on their spiritual path.

Annual Reiki Retreat

Our Fall annual retreat is an uplifting event attracting students and alumni near and far to join us each year. This special event is open to their family members, friends and supporters of RERI who are also interested in joining us.

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Eric’s Reiki Journey

Eric’s Reiki Journey

My experience at the Reiki Education & Research Institute (RERI) has been amazing, to say the least. My journey first started when I began to develop anxiety and experience panic attacks to the point where I needed help. I used various herbs and received...

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Stories of Talking Stick

Stories of Talking Stick

There are many stories about the origin of the 'talking stick' and how it was made and how it was used by various Native American tribes across North America.  In the Northwest, the 'talking stick' was typically a staff carved with symbolic tribal or clan crests of...

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RERI News – June 2020

RERI News – June 2020

Greetings! We hope this email find you well. The COVID 19 has been impacting all of us for a while now and it creates tremendous stress in our daily lives. In time of uncertainty, RERI’s desire to bring healing to our communities and the world has never been stronger....

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The Reiki practitioner was pleasant and very informative about the process.  They were helpful in making me feel comfortable in the room during the session.  I felt the energy  and support! I felt relaxed and positive after my session and look forward to another session of Reiki! 

Claudia R

Employee, Charlotte Behaviorial Health Hospital

If you want to enjoy life with more positive energy, then go to RERI to learn more about how Reiki can take you there. I continue to, and always will, use Reiki in my life and thank RERI for introducing me to and keeping me actively involved in the power of Reiki in my life.

Engineer, Business Owner



Heal individuals, communities and the world physically, mental-emotionally and spiritually with Reiki, an energy healing modality.


Becoming the leading force in providing the best practices for Reiki education and healing services.


  • Monthly Reiki & Intention Circle
  • Annual Retreat
  • Monthly Coffee Club
  • Open House
  • Student Clinic
  • Community Clinic