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Our Mission

We are the leading force in creating best practice in education on Reiki and delivering result driven healing services to facilitate the healing process and enhance wellness for individuals, communities and the world.

Serving people and communities worldwide

Reiki Education and Research Institute is dedicated to creating a new paradigm shift by educating people on how to utilize Reiki to heal themselves, their communities and the world.

Our Cause

Healing ourselves ~ Healing our community ~ Healing the world since 2007

We organize public outreach events and work with our program partners to introduce Reiki to groups, schools and organizations.

We offer low-cost Reiki healing sessions at our student clinic and monthly community clinic for stress management and symptom relief.

We conduct ongoing research studies to validate the effectiveness of Reiki on physical, mental-emotional and spiritual health.

We have a community to keep our students and alumni engaged in their Reiki practice, personal and spiritual development. We create a new paradigm shift by working together in transforming energy in the world.

Our Success Story

Many people have joined our programs and are actively involved in our community. Check out our success stories and be inspired by others who experienced the power of Reiki and share with us how Reiki changed their lives.

Eric’s Reiki Journey

My experience at the Reiki Education & Research Institute (RERI) has been amazing, to say the least. My journey first started when I began to develop anxiety and experience panic attacks to the point where I needed help. I used various herbs and received acupuncture treatments but nothing fully solved my issues. This is when I decided to give Reiki a try so I contacted Bill Coryer to setup a round of five sessions. These sessions were amazing and truly helped me overcome a lot of my anxiety problems. Bill was able to explain what was happening and made me feel comfortable during the entire process. I felt a sense of relief after these five sessions as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.   Several months past and slowly my anxiety problems began to resurface. I returned to Bill for another round of five sessions which again proved very beneficial however, it became clear that there was something deeper within me that must be healed. This is when I knew that I had to learn Reiki for myself. I joined the next round of classes at RERI which immediately opened my eyes to the power of Reiki. After only a few classes I felt a sense of being at home and knew that Reiki would become a major part of my life. These classes were perfectly presented and organized by Bill and MeiYin so it was extremely easy to learn and become engaged in Reiki. Over time, I gained the skills necessary to heal my anxiety problems yet this was not the only important piece I learned. Along with the self-healing process came the ability to help others. This aspect provided me with a sense of worth and responsibility that is invaluable to grow as a person.    Overall, I couldn’t say enough about what Bill and MeiYin have done for me over the past couple years. I went from having anxiety and panic attacks to being able to help others with anxiety and more. Reiki helps bring me back to balance when life becomes unsteady and then pushes me to grow as much as I can handle. It will always be a part of my everyday life and I constantly look for new ways to incorporate Reiki into my world. Learning Reiki has certainly been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far. 

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Current Students and Alumni

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What Our Supporters Say….

“I discovered this wonderful organization 10 years ago when they volunteered at our cancer center and I witnessed some remarkable transformation in our patients. I was moved by the practice and decided to study it myself through multiple months of evening work and found the skill truly beneficial in patient care and many facets of life. The Founders, primary educators and masters Bill Coryer and Mei Yin Hung are so generous with their time and have chosen this work to change the world one life at a time. Please consider a donation to this wonderful organization.”

Charles Meakin

M.D., Coaching Forward Inc.

“My Vision for RERI is for them to have the financial freedom and support within our community that will allow them to concentrate their energies on developing Reiki Clinical Standards for all Reiki Practitioners and to improve existing Educational and Clinical Program Curriculum for their students, alumni and clients.  These Standardized Reiki Practices and Programs will have an impact on each participant’s journey by changing their life as they gain a better understanding of the Power of Reiki and how it will help heal them physically, emotionally and spiritually, thus gaining an inner peace where just for today: each participant will not get angry; will not worry; will be honest; will love one another and will be filled with gratitude for this journey they are on. Please support RERI by making a donation.”

Andi Crowley

RERI Supporter

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Heal individuals, communities and the world physically, mental-emotionally and spiritually with Reiki, an energy healing modality.


Becoming the leading force in providing the best practices for Reiki education and healing services.


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