Only 4 rooms
(single occupancy)
available at the retreat lodge.

Private cottages are available to rent. Please contact Highland Lake Properties for cottages rental.

Contact Steve (828) 692-1359 or book your own lodging on his website

What is RERI Reiki Retreat?

  • a yearly event which provides opportunity for RERI students and alumni to spend a weekend retreat for relaxation, Reiki practice and spiritual nourishment.
  • a venue to share laughter, healing experiences and enjoy a strong, positive and vibrant community where you feel inspired and loved.
  • a place to learn about yourself, listen to your inner voice, nurture your spirit and connect to the source energy.

RERI Reiki Retreat is NOT:

  • a venue where participants give instructions on how to practice Reiki and other healing modalities. (Please refer to the session “Getting healing/mentoring session at the retreat”)
  • A venue for seeking or giving medical advice or any advice on healing to or from other retreat participants.

Retreat Lodge: 15 private rooms – single occupancy, shared bathrooms. (ONLY 4 ROOMS LEFT)

Please choose “All inclusive package” at checkout on our website.


Private Cottages – one, two, three and four bedrooms cottages available for rent

Please choose “Programs and all meals option” at checkout on our website. Contact Steve (828) 692-1359 at Highland Lake Properties for cabin/cottage rental or book it on his website

 We accommodate regular, vegetarian and vegan diet.  The meals will be catered and served buffet style. One meal will be prepared by all retreat participants as a community to serve each other.


All Inclusive package: $650

Private room in retreat lodge + all meals and programs.

Programs and all meals: $486/person

All meals and programs

Please contact Steve (828) 692-1359 at Highland Lake Properties or visit his website for cottages rental

Add family member/friend: $220/person

 Add family member or friend (some programs and all meals, kids under 12 free of charge)

Add this item at checkout:

xs-xl = $20

2xl = $22

3xl = $24

Credit Card Payment:

we will charge additional 3% credit card processing fee at checkout

Check Payment:

Please fill out registration form

Send check to Reiki Education and Research Institute, 725 Providence Road, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC28207 *please note Retreat2017 on your check

Questions about the retreat?

Please contact retreat organizer at (704)644-3644 or email us.




Why attend annual Spiritual Retreat?

Attending retreats regularly is an integral part of many spiritual practices and it is a good investment in your physical and spiritual health.


Purpose of our annual Reiki Retreat

Unlike some workshop-heavy retreats, our annual retreat is a community-based retreat where RERI students and alumni worldwide come together each year for Reiki practice and spiritual development. Our retreat provides a nurturing environment for our students and alumni to reconnect to their inner being. The retreat programs keep participants engaged in self-healing, exploring their inner potential and creating a deeper spiritual connection with each other. The annual RERI Reiki retreat has become a home base for many RERI students and alumni to return to each year for renewal and spiritual growth.


Who should attend our annual Reiki Retreat?

The annual retreat is offered to RERI students and alumni community. Family members and friends of RERI are welcome to attend and take part in some of the retreat programs and dine with all participants.


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