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Reiki Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment Program – Fundamental Level

Program Outlines

This program includes 7 interactive, bi-weekly online classes (Total: 21 hours class time).

  • all materials traditionally taught in the west for level I and II of Usui natural healing method.
  • additional materials from the Japanese tradition of Reiki.
  • other information to aid the understanding of the concepts taught.
  • Classes 1- 3 will focus on stress reduction, opening your energy channels, developing sensitivity to energy, improving awareness, and beginning your self-healing journey.
  • Classes 4-7 will focus on expanding your ability and awareness to address mental emotional healing and distance healing.


50% deposit at registration balance due 1 week prior to the class starting date) or

Full amount at registration


Payment options:

1) Pay with your PayPal account (option to apply for 6 months no interest credit with PayPal)

2) Pay with your credit card

Upcoming Class Schedule
Program Code: FR42

Bi-weekly class schedule on Saturdays (7 Classes)


Class dates for FR42:

1st class: May 8, 2021

2nd class: May 22

3th class: Jun 5

4th class: Jun 17

5th class: Jul 3

6th class: Jul 19

7th class: Jul 31

9:00am – 12:00pm
All classes are done online using Microsoft Teams. You will receive a link to join
classes in a confirmation email for your registration. 



Charlene Justis (click to view Charlene’s Bio)

RERI Licensed Reiki Master Teacher

Registered Nurse

Student Benefits

Register for our Fundamental Level Training with the following benefits for one full year:

  •  Community events
  •  Forum and discussion groups
  •  Discount on metaphysical programs
  •  Regular Reiki practice sessions with our knowledgeable Reiki teacher and spiritual mentor (live)
  • Students and alumni social network

Reiki Natural Healing and Spiritual Development Program – Advanced Level

Program Outlines

This program includes 7 interactive, bi-weekly online classes from 6:30pm -9:00pm (Total: 17.5 hours class time).

  • Students required to have completed our Fundamental Level Training or (Reiki Level I and II training from any lineages or school)  
  • The program includes 7 classes focusing on inner healing work and spiritual development throughout the training.  ​
  • You will learn to examine your own personal energy system/your unique mapping/energetic blue print. During the training process, students will start identifying their strengths and weakness on the energetic level, detecting imbalances and working with each chakra to bring about deep healing. 
  • ​ Students will be learning advanced grounding procedures to promote body-mind connection and to create a habit of staying in the moment. 
  • Techniques covered in this program: 
      1. Dai Kô Myo – Reiki Master symbol​ 
      2. Advanced grounding procedures ​
      3. Reiki Techniques and symbols 
      4. ​Visualization/imagery techniques ​
      5. Reiki meditation​
      6. Shamanic approach to healing


Payment options and Paypal 6 months no interest credit available at registration.

Classes are taught by our Co-Founders, Senior Reiki Master Teachers and Spritual Mentors, Bill Coryer and Mei Yin Hung of Reiki Education and Research Institute.

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Upcoming Class Schedule

Please contact us for class schedule