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Start Saving! Start Earning!

Starting in 2015, we are offering a reward program to our students and alumni.  For every referred new student or new Reiki client clinic, you will receive RERI credit which is equivalent to 10% of the purchase price of the program.  This credit may be applied to any RERI program you wish to enroll in.   See example below:

Current Student: Jane

New Student referred by Jane: Mary

Mary enrolled in the Fundamental Reiki Program

Fundamental Reiki Program Tuition: $600

RERI Dollars rewarded to Jane: $600 x 10% = $60

Jane’s RERI account: $60 (Jane can utilize this as payment towards any RERI program)

Jane may accumulate funds and apply them at anytime up to 24 months from award

To create a Reward Account, please contact us by phone 704-644-3644 or email us info@reikieducation.org




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