Are you unable to feel the energy flowing when channeling Reiki? Not fully experiencing and benefiting from the healing process utilizing Reiki? Lacking experience in performing Reiki sessions?

Like Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, and other wellness, complementary healthcare treatment or alternative healing modality, Reiki, requires ongoing practice and devotion of self-healing. To develop the ability to really sense Reiki energy as it flows, to become a clear channel in the art of Reiki healing and to gain a true sense of confidence in channeling Reiki for self-healing and/or healing others, a practitioner must commit to mastering the techniques and truly understanding the concept  and the application of Reiki.  The theory and concept of how to do Reiki seems simple, however, one can’t completely comprehend, incorporate and experience the healing process and the power of Reiki energy healing without lots of hands-on healing practice and a commitment to ongoing learning.  Developing a greater sensitivity for feeling Reiki energy flow, benefiting from self Reiki treatments and gaining confidence and experience as a Reiki practitioner are important parts of Reiki training and should be both teachers and students’s goals for Reiki training.

Dr. Usui, who founded the Reiki system of Natural Healing (called Reiji in Japan) many years ago, did not offer one day or weekend Reiki class or training program. Quite to the contrary, his training was based on an Internship format. Dr. Usui’s students were required to work in his Reiki clinic, receiving and practicing Reiki 7 days a week. Internship programs lasted for long periods of time, and students greatly benefited from the daily Reiki practice and healing experience – Reiki practice and healing experience are two important aspects in Reiki training. Dr. Usui’s lengthy internship training methods may seem difficult to apply in today’s high speed society, but we can learn a great deal from Dr. Usui’s philosophy. True learning and proficiency in Reiki can best be achieved by combining and integrating both theory and practical experiences.

To follow Dr. Usui’s original teaching format, and to cultivate mastership of Reiki, RERI will begin to offer monthly Reiki practice sessions for RERI’s Intern students. The goal is to provide a forum for students to master the art of Reiki, to become proficient in their Reiki practice. These Reiki practice sessions are suitable for Reiki level I and higher, current and past students who completed Reiki training with RERI.  Reiki practitioners trained under other lineages are also welcome to take part in this program.

















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