The monthly Reiki and Intention circle is a community event scheduled on the 1st Saturday from 10:30am-11:30pm for students, alumni and their guests.

We welcome RERI current students, alumni, guests, volunteers and supporters to join us. The circle is followed by a social luncheon (optional)

  • Meet like-minded people with similar interest – wishing to heal and grow, live a more expansive, positive, authentic and meaningful life.
  • Combine the power of intention with group Reiki, you can reset your life and create a purposeful and fulfilling life journey.
  • Together, we intend and manifest a better world for all.

The monthly event is held at Reiki Education and Research Institute, 725 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28207.  If you are unable to come to our physical location for this event, you may join the circle on line, just copy and paste or click on the “Join Zoom Meeting link” on your web browser.  Join Zoom Meeting:

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