In a world where we are bombarded with so many material things, sometime downsizing can be very liberating. Things take up space, need to be kept running or clean, things begin to pile up and more space is needed to store more things.  

Today there is a movement to have less things but more experiences. People long to see, explore and enjoy life and each other more than collecting and purchasing things to fill a building they call home. 

These people long to see nature, enjoy an uncomplicated way of life, and find outstanding value in each other, family, friends, and community.  Yes, they still have a home, but the space is filled with essentials and yes, some things that make them incredibly happy, but this space is much smaller.  Their home is called a tiny home. 


Tiny home is not a new idea:  

You may think a tiny home is a “new” idea, but it really isn’tMany years ago, Henry David Thoreau decided to go out in the woods next to a beautiful pond, build a one room cabin and contemplate life. He wanted no distractions, he wanted to experience a simple life, commune with nature, and write about that experienceHis cabin consisted of an area to cook, sleep, and write. He was only going to stay for a few months in this one room cabin but after realizing he had all he needed, he stayed for two years.  Little did he know this 2-year experiment would be the start of a new way of living for manyHince the book called “On Golden Pond 

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The beauty of a tiny home:

A tiny home is very economical to purchase and maintain. It is built to use space wisely. The tiny homes are much more economical to warm and cool, ceiling fans circulate the air both in summer and winter, many have gas or wood burning fireplaces. Most of the tiny homes have outdoor firepits for entertaining or enjoying a cool night outdoors. 

Tiny home community on the beautiful South Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee:

The tiny home community is in the town of Tracy City Tenn. It consists of many tiny homes nestled on a wooded lot next to a big, beautiful lake. The community is “Water Edge.” There are tiny homes for rent throughout the year There are also families that live there year-round.   The homes range from one bedroom, one bath and combined kitchen and living area, to a slightly larger home that is tiny but has 2-3 bedrooms, 2 baths and combined living and kitchen space. Many of the tiny homes have beautiful outdoor spaces to extend their living area. 

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Our Fall Reiki retreat will be held at is much like where Thoreau found his way of simple living at a tiny home community in Tracy City.  If you have ever wondered what living in a tiny home would be like, you can now find out during our Reiki Retreat while enjoying the retreat programs. You can rent a tiny home from Thursday through Sunday during our retreat or even rent longer. Anyone who has an interested in taking part in our Reiki retreat is welcome to join. If you are a non Reiki practitioner, we invite you to attend our Free Reiki Introductory Class before registering for the retreat. 

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